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Need a burst of fresh air? These air fresheners smell great and will fit in with any of your cute decor! They feature hand-drawn artwork, printed on high-quality material. The best part is they're reusable! Once the scent fades you can add a few drops of essential oil or spray with your favorite perfume and it's ready to go!



Bad Luck (Scent: Old School) 

Go Home UFO (Scent: Midnight)

Stay Groovy (Scent: Bubblegum)

This S*** is Bananas! (Scent: Classy & Sassy)

Yin Yang (Scent: Passion Fruit)

You Are My Sunshine (Scent: Pina Colada)



* On an elastic hanger for easy placement

* Double-sided, full-color quality printing

* Approximately 3" x 3"

Made in United States