Compact Umbrella

Compact Umbrella

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The folding umbrella model with Open+Close opening and closing system by Clima bisetti is one of our most outstanding models in foldable. Assorted in 12 colors that are trendy every year has all the characteristics that make it one of the most complete umbrellas on the market. It opens and closes, windproof, with UVP+50 sun protection, the cuff is recyclable and the polyester is 100% recycled and recyclable. Without a doubt, the 12 colors will be an attraction in your store, forming a colorful color that will attract shoppers. We have colors for all tastes and times of the year, because with its sun protection it becomes a two-for-one, for the rain and to protect us from the sun, which is so necessary every time.

Umbrella Height: 29 cm

Open dome diameter: 97 cm

Umbrella weight: 347 grams.

8 ribs 54 centimeters 3 sections

Material of the dome is 100% recycled and recyclable polyester.


29" l x 97" w

0.77 lb